network cabling installation

We provide the most reliable network cabling installation. Network cables are mediums used to connect and transfer data or information between two or multiple network devices such as routers, computers, switches and storage area networks .They are medium that allow the data flows in a Network .

They are coming in different types and their use depend on the topology and structure of the overall system architecture. The mostly used communication cable is the twisted per cable . We mostly use it in Local Area Network (LAN) for example: offices, retail and commercial site. In fact, in most Ethernet network.

affordable network cabling installation

Why do you need an effective network cabling Installation your business ?

The reliability of any business internal network depends on the quality of its network cabling installation. In fact, network cabling or structured cabling is a backbone of any business internal network. A structured cabling system will provide your network with a high bandwidth which in turn will support your business growth. On a typical business environment, network devices and IT equipment are interconnected and used simultaneously. Running everything in a single system increases simplicity and reduce the stress of multiple wiring system and also help identify issues and solve them easily and reduce maintenance cost .

Implementing structured data cabling for your business is cost effective for the smooth running of your business. It boots productivity, drives business success and not forgetting its enhanced flexibility in adapting to any network infrastructure change and reduce the installation time since the system can be moved to a new office location easily . Unorganized network cabling increase risk of errors that will lead to disruption and network downtime compared to structured data cabling that makes it easier for fault finding or troubleshooting . In fact , there is a reduced risk of downtime. Digital tech SA is proud to offer you a reliable or high quality network cabling Installation in Johannesburg whether it is a business , government , school or academic network . Contact us now.

Our data cabling services include:

  • New Networks Installation
  • network improvement or upgrades
  • Networks Repairs and cabling
  • Networks Cable installation
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Server room set up
  • network rack installation
  • rack neatening
  • patch panel population