electronic point of sale

The electronic point of sale system (EPOS) or cloud POS System referred to as POS applications , stores and processes sales data online (cloud POS Provider handle the hosting )compared to traditional Pos System that stores all point of sale data locally on an onsite computer or a server. Sometime on a server of a private company network.

You can access the EPOS through a browser with any internet enable devices such as smartphone, tablets, and touchscreen monitors. It doesn’t required a service of a trained engineer to set up equipment , customize it to your business need and install it on your local computer network compared to legacy POS System (on-site/locally hosted Pos System ), that requires dedicated support , periodical maintenance for both software and hardware . the EPOS is designed for specific sector such restaurant and retails and also integrating the in stores with ecommerce is possible .

affordable electronic point of sale system

The provider handles the software update for you. it is not limited to business location Since it works on tablets and smart phones, you can accept payment from anywhere with a wireless card machine .the EPOS store your data in the cloud that means it is highly secure , in the sad event of losing your devices you can easily have access to the system and sales data when login on with a new device. If you have any question about electronic point of sale contact us now