dstv installer in sandton

Our dstv installer in sandton will bring you the joy of watching your dstv programs with peace . we carry out a reliable and fast dstv intallation for any type of property whether it s a hotel , house , bar or any type of business throughout sandton . you have a signal problem , need to remove your old dstv dish , or you want to distribute the dstv signal in different rooms of your property , we have a team of multichoice accredited technicians that will help you contact us now if you want an accredited dstv installer in sandton.

dstv installer in sandton provides a fast , reliable and most affordable dstv installation service.

Why are we known as a professional dstv installer in sandton ?

We have a team of mutlichoice accredited dstv installer to provide with a professional dstv installation and repairs throughout the sandton . We have been the best choice for business and local households for more than 10 years. Our technicians have an extensive experience in the growing world of digital and satellite television and our experience is next to none.

We can offer you with a same day dstv installation service and can also come by appointment if that will suit you . You are looking for dstv installer in sandton , get in touch with us today, we are flexible and urge to offer a dstv installation without hassles.

Apart from the dstv installation, we also offer dstv maintenance and repairs for your existing system. Our dstv technicians are always available to install extra point or provide you with a commercial installation or any service you would need. With the growth in the digital television , we make sure that our dstv installers get a comprehensive training so that their skills stay dynamic in the growing world of digital and satellite call us now if you need repairs or dstv installer in sandton . we have experience in digital technology like no other .

Dstv extra view set up

Dstv extra view set up provides the possibility to watch different channels under one membership or subscription by just paying an access fee for the secondary decoders connected to the decoder with the main subscription . The dstv extraview is economical because it reduces the cost of paying for the membership for each decoder since the technology allows to link the decoders under one membership therefore reduces the squabbling over the tv remote by your family members since they can watch different channels at the same time. We recommend using the latest decoders in the extra view set up because they require less cabling compared to the older ones since the latest decoder uses a smart lnb instead of the communication cable.

dstv installer in sandton provides a fast , reliable and most affordable dstv installation service.

How do you set up dstv extra view ?

The set up of the Dstv extra view requires a 80 cm satelite dish for a better signal reception .To start the set up , firstly , you need to connect your coaxial from the decoders to the lnb, you will use a uni cable port on your smart lnb if you have recent model of decoders or use universal port if you have older ( note that the dstv explora decoder uses uni cable port and the HD decoders use both ports).

After connecting your decoders to lnb , use a heartbeat or communication cables to link the decoders .The principal decoder ( the decoder with the main membership ) will use that connection to send the heartbeats to the secondary decoders .The transmission of the heartbeat confirms that there is communication or transmission of the signal between the connected decoders .

  dstv installer in sandton provides a fast , reliable and most affordable dstv installation service.

When there is a loss of the heartbeat signal , the secondary decoder will prompt an error message (E143 error ). if you have a smart lnb , the transmission of the heartbeat signal between decoders is conducted through a smart lnb. No need to use communication cable. Reason why other decoders don’t have RF Out port at the back.And if you have a universal twin lnb ,you will then need to use a communication cable from the RF Port of the main decoder (primary) to the RF Port of the secondary decoder to send the heartbeat signal from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder . Please don’t forget that for the dstv extra setup to work , the decoder with the main subscription (primary decoder) must always be on .

DStv extra view activation

In order to activate the dstv extra view , you need to make sure that your setup is correct before you to start the activation process . The first thing you need to do is to check if the channel 100 is playing on all the decoders. Make sure that the transmission of the heartbeat happens correctly from the principal decoder to the secondary decorders after 2 or 3 minutes to prevents the 143 error that occurred when signal is not detected . And finally, follow this steps to check your dstv extra view status by :pressing help button on your dstv remote control , find General Information and go to extra view .Should everything work fine ,it now time to call dstv tv South Africa for activation. Should you need help for your dstv extra view setup , call us now . We are the most affordable dstv installer in sandton .