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Are you looking for a reliable dstv installer centurion . Our installation is for domestic or commercial properties. Whether it is a house, hotel, Guesthouse, bar, restaurant or any business throughout centurion. You are experiencing a signal problem , want new installation , distributing signals or Dstv Extraview , a removal of old satellite Dish , Our highly trained , MutliChoice accredited DSTV installer team will provide you with a fast , reliable and cost effective Dstv installation services and repairs tailored to exceed your requirement .We are only a call away from you , get in touch with us now should you need an accredited DSTV technician or dstv installer centurion we will come to you .

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What is the common dstv problem ?

dstv no signal

Let say you are coming back from work and would like to watch a movie or your favorite TV program or would like to watch a derby soccer game , up on switching on your TV you get a “ DSTV No Signal Error Message “. Can you imagine how disappointing this could be? The Dstv signal loss can be caused by a faulty LNB, dish misalignment; loose connection, F-connectors without forgetting bad weather or your dstv decoder can reset itself to factory setting. In this event, your LNB will be given a default type of setting that may not appropriate to your decoder. To solve your DSTV No Signal error message ? First thing, check your DSTV Signal Strength and Quality, The normal signal strength is 75 % for both decoders (DSTV exploras and normal DSTV HD Decoders). If you are experiencing a signal less than 50 % you should consider improving it by aligning your satellite dish with a signal detector and LNB correctly and tightening your satellite dish for strong wind and making sure that your F connecters (nuts connecting DStv cables to the LNB) are well connected at the LNB and decoder and there is not any loose cable at the back of your decoder, in fact, make sure that all cable are connected to the appropriate port to your decoder .

When the signal strength and quality show -1% this shows there is no signal from your satellite dish to your decoder. Should you try all these possible trick without success, it is now time to call an accredited DSTV technician . we have the most skilled and accredited dstv installer centurion. Contact us now

Dstv Extra View Installation

Dstv extra view is a way of reducing your family TV remote dispute due to the technology it implements, the Dstv multivew connects two or three decoders under one membership, you can watch your soccer game in your lounge while your wife and children are watching their favourite TV program in their rooms just by paying a small access fee on top of your regular monthly subscription for each secondary decoder connected. That means it reduces the cost of paying monthly subscription for the secondary decoders and reduces the fight over TV remote among family members because, with one membership , people can simultaneously watch different channels with different Decoders ..

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How does the Dstv extra view Work ?

Dstv extra view requires at least a 80 cm satellite dish. The principal decoder (the decoder with the main membership ,DSTV EXPLORA IS A MUST ) connects to secondary decoders (DSTV EXPLORA or latest single view decoders) through a smart LNB , this connection will allow the secondary decoders to profit from the tv programming from the main decoder without any changes in features and functionalities .This is to say if your primary decoder is running a premium membership, your secondary decoders will show premier channels.