dstv installation in midrand

Our dstv installation in midrand installers will offer you a fast and reliable installation . We do installations for houses , restaurant ,hotel,guesthouses or any other business around midrand. Whether you have a problem with your dstv signal , you want new dstv installation , dstv extraview (distributing signal) or removing a old satelite dish,We have multichoice accredited dstv installers to offer you a reliable installation and repairs that exceed you expectations .call us now for your dstv installation in midrand, we will drive to you .

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dstv no signal

The mostly encountered dstv problem .

Dstv no signal is one of the most common dstv problem. Let ‘s assume that you would like to watch your tv program . After switching on the tv , you find No Signal DSTV message. Can you believe how frustrated you can be ? Do not get disappointed.The dstv signal loss may happen because of a faulty LNB,F-connectors,loose connection,dish misalignment and bad weather. Sometimes,your dstv decoder might reset to its factory setting and give your LNB a default setting that is inappropriate to your decoder.

In order to solve this DSTV No Signal error message, firstly ,you need to check and ensure that you have a normal DSTV Signal Strength and quality. 75% upward is the normal signal strength( for the normal hd decoders and dstv explora).If your signal strength is -50 % (less than 50 %) ,use a signal detector to align your lnb and your dstv dish in order to improve it and tighten your dstv dish to resist from strong wind Ensuring that you have properly connected your F connectors to the LNB and decoders. You should also make sure that you don’t have any detached cable at your decoder and all cable must be connected to the appropriate port.

When your dstv signal strength is -1% , this means there no signal between your decoder and satelite dish. if you have tried all these possible techniques without success ,you should now give a chance to a multichoice accredited dstv installer. Contact us Now .

Dstv Extra View Installation

Reduce fight over the tv remote with Dstv Extra View Installation

Dstv Extra View Installation is a solution to the depute over the tv remote in your family .Because with one subcription , you have the possibility to connect one or two decoders. With the dstv extraview installation , you can enjoy your favourite dstv channel in the sitting room while your children and wife are all watching their dstv programs in their rooms just with a payment of a little access fee to your monthly membership for each connected decoder instead of paying monthy membership for each decoder. Installing dstv extra view saves money and also reduce fight over the tv remote because with one membership, you and your family can enjoy your favourite tv programs at the same time .

affordable and reliable dstv installation in midrand

How does the Dstv extra view installation Work ?

the installation of the dstv extra view needs at least a satellite dish of 80 cm. the principal decoder with the main subscription (use DSTV Explora as principal decoder) will connect to the secondary decoders (can be the latest single view decoders or dstv explora) via a smart LNB. through this connection the secondary decoders will connect to the main decoder tv programming with no change to the features or functionalities .That means , if the main decoder has a premium membership , you will watch premium channels from your secondary decoders.