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Dstv signal problems

if you are experiencing a dstv signal problem , this may be caused by a faulty lnb , misalignment of the dish , loose connection and bad weather or the decoder might have reset itself to its factory setting and causes signal problem . When the decoder resets itself , it gives the lnb a default setting that might not appropriate to the decoder .

How to resolve dstv signal problems?

When the dstv signal is low , it can cause a bad tv viewing experience . how will you increase the dtsv signal strengh in that event ? you should make sure that you have not mounted your satellite disth where there is obstruction to the signal and align your lnb satelite dish properly at the correct angle based on the polarity of signal( the normal signal start from 75% upwards ),selected satelite and local position and also ensure that you have correctly connected your F-Connecters at the back of the lnb and decoder and if there is an obstruction to the signal,consider cuttting off trees that might obstruct the signal or move your satelite dish to a better place or contact your nearest accredited dstv installation fourways insaller to do it for you.

What is dstv extra view

Dstv extra view is a technology that will allow you to watch different programs or channels in different rooms in your house or different areas in your premise using one membership just by adding a small access fee for each decoder connecting to the one with the main membership .

The dstv extraview help you save money because it will reduce the cost of monthly installment for each decoder and reduce also the tv remote dispute in your family that means you can enjoy your soccer game or your favourite tv program while children and wife watch their favourite tv channels in their respective rooms .

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How to connect dstv extra view ?

Dstv extra view needs at least a 80 cm satellite dish and the dstv expora decoder as a primary decorder . for the secondary two decoders , you can combine either the single view hd decoders or dstv exploras. the older decodes are not compatible for certain technical modification when set up in extra view mode .

These decoders are working in a way of heartbeat that means the primary decoder send the heartbeat from the its rf port to the secondary decoders rf port via a normal rf cable , the reason why the dstv extraview can not use any type of decoder beacuse it require a specific fr tuner that s why we recommend the dstv explora decoder. this connection helps the secondary decoders to gain features and and tv programming from the main decoder .

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