cctv installation

We provide the most affordable cctv installation in johannesburg. Our security camera department offers the installation and maintenance of your industrial, commercial and domestic digital CCTV camera throughout Johannesburg. Our security camera installation is cost effective and made to exceed your requirements .We use quality equipment manufactured UTC, Hikvision, Panasonic ,Pelco , Samsung ,and many more . Despite being one of the most reliable CCTV Installations Company in Johannesburg, we also provide a first class user support and maintenance for all CCTV equipment and software.

We offer the most reliable cctv installation in johannesburg

Why do you need CCTV installation for your business or home ?

When you run a business, implementing a quality CCTV System must be a priority to protect your business or home from treat of intruders. When installed at your premises, it discourages anyone planning to carry out illegal activities, or act as deterrent to criminal , monitor the activity of your workers and visitors .It is also used as evidence collector in the sad event of crime happening at your premise providing times, locations and suspects. Let s assume in the event of employee feuds or disputes between staff and customers , the truth can be found by referring to CCTV footage. It is a best technology for disputes decision making . Are you looking for cctv installation in johannesburg ? Contact us now .

cctv remote view

View your cctv footage or monitor your business or home security camera through your smart phone , tablet or laptop.

Cctv remote view allows you monitor and keep your residential premise or business premise safe from intruders with a smart mobile device such as iphone , android or tablet thanks to IP CCTV system . Trough network cabling or wifi , the IP CCTV create and transmit high resolution digitzed video data stream to the cloud or your computer network .You will then connect your mobile device to the IP system through an app to view and monitor your live cctv footage from your premise or business at any time and location and effectively spot any disturbance with your mobile phone connected to wifi or mobile data signal.

We can set The IP CCTV to analyze and track footage that happen at a high speed and automatically send a notification through email alerts, messages or activate the alarm in the event of something amiss detected (for example an intruder in your premise). The IP CCTV system are highly customizable. You can also set your notifications or alarm triggers to meet your requirements . for example ( send notification when your business back door between 6pm and 6am .Contact us today for your cctv installation in johannesburg .